July 31, 2017 at 9:05 AM

While it may be illegal and dangerous to drive while talking on your mobile or texting, there are plenty of ways you can still make use of it to improve your driving experience. We are taking a look at the best mobile driving apps that are designed to assist you on the road without distracting you in a dangerous manner.

1. TomTom
TomTom originally debuted as an independent satellite navigation device. Now, it is one of the best mobile driving apps available on your phone. It provides the same functionality it always did, assisting you in navigating to any destination you tell it. The advantage of the app over the original device is that the internet allows it to receive live updates on the condition of the road and traffic, as well as warning you about upcoming speed traps.

2. Wave
As good as TomTom is it has one major downside. It is not free. Wave is an open source, and more importantly free, alternative. While not quite as intuitive as its paid competitors, Wave makes up for it with a variety of features including the ability to send messages to friends letting them know exactly how far away you are and how long you will be.

3. Carcorder
There are of course non-navigation apps designed to make your life easier. Carcorder is an app that functions as a dashboard camera. More than just a video recording, it also can do things like track your location and speed.

4. iCarMode
This one is exclusive to iPhone users. The idea here is to give you access to your phone's functionality without sacrificing driving safety. It has a large buttoned display with options like music, hands free calling, or local navigation. A lot of modern cars come with this sort of thing built in, but this makes a perfect substitute for those of us that have an older or less technologically advanced model.

5. Dashdroid
Do not worry Android owners, we are looking out for you to. Dashdroid functions like iCarMode except that it is on Android. Other notable differences include cstomisable buttons, voice commands, and perhaps most importantly it is free.

6. Beat the Traffic
This one is pretty useful for routes we are already familiar with. Beat the Traffic does exactly what its name suggests, gives you live updates of traffic conditions on your route so that you can avoid congestion. If you see something on the road the app has not yet warned you about, you can update all the other users simply by giving your phone a quick shake.



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