September 29, 2017 at 9:48 AM

When you purchase a used Ford vehicle, you may well be driving in the same car as a famous film star. Ford cars have long been the stars of the big screen, and here are four famous examples. 

Casino Royale 

James Bond drives a Ford Mondeo 'hire car' as he arrives in the Bahamas in this film.  The Mondeo in the film was specially built for Casino Royale and is a 2.5-litre ST version of the car with a custom body kit and paint job. 

The flying car in the second Harry Potter film

At the start of this film, Ron Weasley and Harry fly to Hogwarts in none other than a 1962 Ford Anglia. The drama surrounding this car was not confined to the movie set, however. The Ford Anglia that was used for the film was stolen by thieves - who may have been disappointed to discover that it was a prop vehicle with no engine. 

Greased Lighting in Grease

Subject of one of the film's most famous songs, the carefully painted and revved up vehicle was a Ford 1948. With its distinctive mauve hue and open top style, it was a hugely iconic vehicle. After Grease was released, this car quickly became a sought after used Ford to collect. Outside of the film, this car was instantly recognisable due to the fact that Ford were only manufacturing a few different vehicles after the end of World War II - and this was one of them.

The chase seen in Bullitt

This film is renowned for its epic, thrilling car chase scene and one of the cars involved was a 1968 Mustang GT390 Fastback. However, it is not just actors' voices that can be dubbed in films. The sounds use for this vehicle during the chase scene were not those of the Ford Mustang itself at all. Rather, they were 'dubbed' in and they were the sounds of a GT40, owned by Steve McQueen himself, being driven as fast as it could go. 

The car that gets destroyed in The Big Lebowski

In this film, a car is stolen and then systematically destroyed. Unfortunately for Ford lovers, the car in question is a beautiful old 1973 Torino. Because the plot demanded that the car was destroyed, there were two identical Torinos bought for the film so that one could be destroyed and the other kept intact. In fact, the vehicle that was kept intact was later used again in a filming project: for an episode of the hit series The X Files. 

Do you fancy a spin in a famous Ford?

Fords have been used in films for many decades, and those were just a few out of many examples.



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