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Getting your car serviced regularly is not a legal requirement - unlike having a valid MOT certificate. However, it's widely accepted that servicing your car at least once a year helps to improve its performance and safety.

The exact work carried out during a service depends on the level of service you choose (interval/minor, full or major); normally, every service will change the engine oil, top up other fluid levels, change the air filter and provide a thorough visual inspection of the car.

Since October 2003, you're no longer obligated to have your car serviced by a main dealer during the warranty period. While you can book your car into a local independent garage, there are a number of advantages associated with a main dealer service.

Benefits Of A Ford Service

Ford has a network of approved service centres across the country. Getting an official Ford service for your Ford vehicle has a range of additional benefits compared to an indepedent garage and other franchises.


Only a Ford dealer has Ford-trained technicians who have been educated using official training material and best practices. Car and van engineering develops at such a quick pace, it's difficult for technicians to keep up with the latest techniques for diagnosis and repair.

Despite this, a technician working at an approved Ford service centre has their training regularly updated with monthly communications and regular courses that aren't available to independent mechanics. In addition, Ford-trained technicians almost exclusively work on Ford vehicles, making them experts at servicing, diagnosing and repairing your Ford.



A Ford garage is equipped with tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment that have been specifically designed for Ford vehicles. An independent garage that needs to accommodate for every make and model will only stock generic tools and equipment that can be used across multiple vehicles.


Every Ford is built exclusively using original manufacturer parts which is why a Ford service only uses genuine Ford parts that have been engineered to fit and perform perfectly with your car. All replacement parts come with at least a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first).

By only working with Ford parts, fitting time is reduced, vehicle performance levels are maximised and the quality and safety standards of the part can be guaranteed. An approved Ford garage is also more likely to have replacement parts in stock or be able to get them delivered more quickly, which helps to reduce the amount of time your car spends off the road.



Every official Ford service also comes with a free Ford eCHECK - a 30-point visual inspection that provides a comprehensive picture of your vehicle's health. A Ford-trained technician will cast an expert eye over your car, rating each element using a simple traffic light system.

Along with your service documentation, you'll receive an electronic report with an explanation of any findings. The approved service centre will also provide a competitive estimate for any recommended work, which you're under no obligation to have done - it is completely advisory.


A Ford service is standardised work across the entire dealer network and pricing is decided by Ford, not the individual dealer. The precise content of each service varies for different models and levels of servicing. For a full list of the checks covered in your scheduled service, you can ask your dealer.


In an effort to increase choice when it comes to servicing a new car, clauses were added to the European Block Exemption Regulations in 2002 outlining that vehicle owners do not have to have their car serviced by a franchised dealer.

However, the vehicle must be serviced according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer-approved parts. You must also keep records of the work completed and parts used (even down to the grade of oil) to demonstrate to the manufacturer that servicing was undertaken to their requirements.

A Ford service automatically maintains the vehicle's warranty, saving you the hassle of keeping independent records. The service book will also receive an official stamp which is something most car buyers regard as a sign of quality because it demonstrates the previous owner looked after the vehicle.


At the end of a Ford service, you'll receive a detailed, written explanation of the invoice and work performed so you know exactly what the Ford-trained technician did to your vehicle during the service.


Every Ford vehicle is given 12 months UK & European Roadside Assistance from the date of registration. With every Ford scheduled service your vehicle has at a participating Ford dealer, this gets extended for a further 12 months.


To ensure every service centre provides the highest standard, all Ford dealers must adhere to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Code of Practice. It includes promises to comply with regulations regarding the booking process, carrying out any work and billing.

In addition, Ford garages are subject to independent quality checks by the RAC - they are the only manufacturer to employ an independent company to check the quality of servicing. 6,000 unannounced audits are carried out every year across the Ford UK Dealer network which is around 10 visits per dealer.

As a result of these measures, a Ford service provides extremely high standards throughout the entire process.


When you get your vehicle back after a Ford service, it will have been looked after inside and out. As standard, every car is washed and vacuumed before the keys are handed back to you - something not many independent garages will provide.


Benefits Of Getting A Ford Service From Aberdare Ford

As well as the advantages mentioned above, our Rhondda service centre in the Cynon Valley provides additional benefits to local Ford customers.


We've got over 70 year's combined experience within our service centre team with most people spending majority of their careers working in our approved garage. As a Ford-only dealer, our staff have developed extensive product knowledge when it comes to servicing and parts.


If you don't have time to call our service centre, or prefer to do things electronically, you can book your Ford service online using the form on our website. You can even book additional services, including an MOT, air conditioning service and brake replacement.

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