August 10, 2017 at 11:42 AM

These days, people change their cars on a fairly regular basis and statistics indicate that the average car owner will go through as many as 9 vehicles during their driving lifetime. Not only is there a wide choice of car makes but also manufacturers like Ford produce a wide variety of models and drivers are spoilt for choice. 

Since the turnover of used cars is high, it's important that owners know what to do when selling their car and buying a new one. This is particularly true when it comes to maintaining a complete service history. There are significant benefits from keeping an up-to-date service record, and, if owners use the same dealership for servicing, that's even better. Surveys indicate that only 37% of those buying used cars believed that using an independent garage for servicing is as good as having a service record endorsed by a main dealer.

For starters, people buying used cars, especially older customers, like to see a full service history as they consider this to be a reassuring sign that the car has been well looked after. This is an indicator of greater reliability and a car that won't conk out in the first few months of ownership. In fact, having an up-to-date service history is so important that failing to produce one at the point of sale can affect the car resale value by up to 23%. In other words, a complete service history can be worth almost a quarter of the car resale value.

Common symptoms of not having a full service history can include reduced functionally and technical issues. Little niggles and even major problems can arise when cars aren't regularly serviced. For example, the air conditioning may not work properly, leading to increased fuel consumption, higher costs, and great inconvenience. Major faults can include critical parts failing with costly repair bills and drivers being off the road for days. All these problems can be avoided by using an authorised dealer to regularly service a vehicle and to pick up any developing faults.

Anyone selling their car without a service record will be happy to know they can recover from this situation. Their dealer should have a record the car's service history and will be able to update the customer's records for a small fee. Also, some manufacturers are switching to keeping service records online. 

For cars that haven't been serviced by a main dealer, owners can try to recover records from independent garages they may have used. However, record-keeping standards can vary and car owners may not always be able to obtain copies. New owners can always contact the DVLA for details of previous owners in the hope of retrieving service records, but this may not always be a reliable method.

The best advice is to get your car regularly serviced by a main dealer like Aberdare Ford, who will look after your vehicle during its lifetime, ensuring peace of mind and greater reliability. Ultimately, this means happier, hassle-free motoring.

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