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Having your car serviced isn't a legal requirement like needing a valid MOT. The cost of a service can typically vary between £130 and £300 depending on the garage you use and whether your car is having an interim/minor or full/major service which leads a lot of people to question whether it's worth spending their money on this process.

Maintaining a full service history has a range of benefits while you're the owner of the car and when you come to sell it. With the increase in vehicles being bought on finance agreements, people are changing their cars much more often. This means that there are more used cars in the market and a pool of buyers that are comfortable shopping around for the best cars.

To keep your car performing at its optimum level and be as attractive as possible in the used car market, it is advisable that you have it serviced regularly.


Regularly servicing your car can help to identify potential problems and help to keep it running smoothly. A service will perform essential checks on the core components to ensure they're running properly and identify the need to replace any parts or fluids.

Keep The Warranty In Tact

Whether you bought the car from new, benefit from a new car warranty on a used car or purchased an extended warranty, they will all specify that the manufacturer's servicing schedule must be adhered to. If not, your precious warranty will be invalidated and you'll be left picking up the bill for a potentially expensive repair job.

You should check the terms and conditions of your warranty to see if it specifies that you need to use a franchised dealer or not. It should also outline the servicing schedule - this is normally every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Cars are designed to require maintenance to keep them in good working order. As you clock up the miles, key components also experience natural wear and tear; because this deterioration is often gradual and out of sight, you may not notice the changes, lulling you into a false sense of security that nothing major has gone wrong.

A service is an opportunity to inspect essential areas of the car, such as the braking system and suspension, to see what condition they're in and replace them if necessary. A MOT is not the same as a service because it is in place to check a vehicle's safety and roadworthiness - it will flag up problems that need addressing, but it is not designed to repair or replace worn components. This happens as a consequence of an MOT failure.

Save Yourself Some Money

Although having a service isn't required and it can be an expensive expenditure, it can also save you money in the long run. Keeping your engine, brakes and tyres in the best possible working order will enable you to achieve the maximum possible fuel economy from your car, as well as providing better handling, improved braking and a smoother running engine.

You're also more likely to have a more reliable vehicle because it's been checked for any faults that could potentially occur. By identifying and fixing these during the service, you can save yourself a small fortune in repair bills down the line.


Majority of people buying a used car like to see that it has a full service history to know that it has been regularly checked for any naturally developing faults. Not having a service history at all, let alone a full service history can dramatically affect a vehicle's value.

Resale Value

Having an up-to-date service history is so important that failing to produce one at the point of sale can affect the car's resale value by up to 23%. In other words, a complete service history can be worth almost a quarter of the total resale value.

Similarly, if the car is unfortunately written off in an accident, your insurance company may pay out a lower-than-expected sum because they'll say that the car is worth less without a complete service history.

Mark Of Quality

The used car market is a competitive place, so it's important to give your car the best chance of getting admirers by ensuring it has a full service history. Being able to provide this to a potential buyer is a mark of quality that demonstrates the car has been well looked after. It's an indicator of greater reliability that the car is unlikely to need major repair works in the first few months of ownership.


Franchise dealers, like Aberdare Ford, are typically seen as more reliable because they have the expertise, training and equipment to service vehicles to a high standard. In fact, recent surveys indicate that only 37% of those buying used cars believed that using an independent garage for servicing is as good as having a service record endorsed by a main dealer.

A main dealer can also offer service plans that allow you to spread the cost of servicing over a number of months (similar to a car finance agreement) so that you don't have to take the financial hit of a service in one go.

Of course, you can have your car serviced by a local dealer or independent mechanic; however, you should always get a receipt for the work to prove that the car has been properly maintained because they won't be able to stamp the service book.

The best advice is to get your car regularly serviced by a main dealer who will look after your vehicle during its lifetime, ensuring peace of mind and greater reliability. Ultimately, this means happier, hassle-free motoring.

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