September 29, 2017 at 10:17 AM

Ford have teamed up with Strawberry Energy to deploy 20 'smart benches' around the British capital.

The benches will all have free solar-powered mobile charging and 24-hour wifi access. All of the services provided by the benches will be completely free, allowing the public to charge portable devices including mobiles, tablets and cameras either wirelessly or plugged-in.

Sarah-Jayne Williams, Director at Ford Smart Mobility, Europe, said: "At Ford, we believe the city of tomorrow should make people feel happy, safe and connected, so we’re looking at how streets could be designed to serve a full range of activities.

“Walking, along with driving and riding public transport, is part of how people get around in a city like London and Ford Smart Benches complement perfectly the increasingly connected lives we now lead.”

The benches also monitor environmental factors such as noise, carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature.

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