November 06, 2017 at 10:57 AM

The roadworthy Standard Ten has been saved after it was traded in under Ford's scrappage scheme to get money of a new Transit Van.

Classic car enthusiasts blasted Ford after it insisted that the Standard had to be destroyed under the terms of the scheme. 

Ford UK's executive director, Communications & Public Affairs, Tim Holmes, has said "we have been in discussion with Danny Hopkins, the editor of Practical Classics magazine, and we have found a solution that satisfies both the terms of our scrappage scheme and all the parties concerned".

The vehicle will have to remain off the road, but it has avoided a crusher-bound fate and Hopkins thanks "Ford for doing the right thing as the car will now live on, in one way or another". 

There is likely to be further controversy regarding classic cars and scrappage schemes, unless the DVLA adopt a policy that any car with Historic on the V5 is exempt from being scrapped under the scheme.

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